About Limbkit

How to play

Limbkit is a realtime, money-making frenzy game in which players compete to earn the most amount of money before the game is over, sabatoging others as needed.

In Limbkit, each player starts with the same amount of money and presses a hand on their screen to earn more money. Upgrades can be purchased to increase the amount of money per press, give you money without doing anything, and more.

You can also use tactical abilities to try and distract other players or take their money

In addition, the themes tab has different purchasable cosmetics and can do fun seaonal effects!

When the time is up or the goal has been reached, the player with who achieved the goal (by default, the most amount of money) wins! But don't worry, there are many other awards you can earn.

Limbkit also lets you host customizable games that make no two games alike! Experiment with different goals, starting money, cooldown speeds, and more.


Limbkit is a game I was inspired to create by the educational tool Gimkit.
I really liked the concept but my family and I (or maybe just me) just wanted to play the game and not answer questions. In Limbkit, I pined on the idea of attacking other players and using money to mess with their screens because I thought that was fun. Then, I incorporated ideas from one of my previous projects, Balloon Poppers, to make this amazing webapp.

About the creator

Author: Elijah Mock

I'm a ?-year-old who loves to code and make fun games like this one.

In my (other) free time, I like to run, hang out with friends, spend time with my family. Philippians 4:8

Send me a message about an idea your have, how you found this website, or just say hi.

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